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november 2014:
We have just received funding for the development of out timber facade system from Vinnova!

may 2014:
We have recently returned from a study trip to Austria to interview architects Hermann Kaufmann of Architekten Hermann Kaufmann and Helmut Dietrich of Dietrich | Untertrifaller about building in untreated timber. Funding for this trip was granted by The Nils and Dorthi Troëdsson Research Foundation in relation to the development of façade systems in wood together with SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.

june 2014:
The construction of the interior garden and bicycle storage of a Stockholm building is complete!

february 2014:
The most recent issue of Arkitektur, from 1/2014, has published an article by Camilla.The article is called "Respektera rum". It discusses the evolution of spaces for work in reference to psychological, ecological, technical and architectural developements in the years after industrialization.

september 2013:
Statens FastighetsVerk (National Property Board) has appointed us as house architect for the Etnografiska museet and surrounding park on Djurgården. The building was originally designed by Jan Gezelius and Gunnar Mattsson

august 2013:
An interview with Radio France International about moving Kiruna and how to rebuild Kiruna townhall. Listen between 7.30 and 13.15 on the MP3 file Check it Out!

Or go to the website and click on "Écouter (19:30)" Check it Out!

© foto Cecilia Joachimsson

august 2013:
T I P I is a permanent art installation composed of three colored glass tents by artist Ulf Rollof. It is located in an interior courtyard in Midsommarkransen, Stockholm. It is commissioned by Micasa through Stockholm konst. We made the construction drawings and helped Ulf to design the metal base and where to place the T I P I ´s.

june 2013:
This year, AIA Memphis interviewed three women designers from Sweden for their thoughts about architecture and design in their home country: Camilla Schlyter of Schlyter/Gezelius Arkitektkontor AB, Stockholm, and Petra Gipp and Malin Heyman of Petra Gipp Arkitektur AB, Stockholm.
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may 2013:
Innovative façade systems in wood.
We have received funding from The Nils and Dorthi Troëdsson Research Foundation to develop façade systems in wood together with SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.

may 2013:
The Wallpaper* Workspace: our vision of a modern office shown at Howick Place in London.
The Office - an ergonomic workstation with a desk that provides privacy, as well as being height-adjustable to suit either a chair or a higher stool. Pictured: ‘C5 Stealth Station’, by Camilla Schlyter, for Ragnars; ‘Girl’ stool, by Fabio Bortolani, from Lapalma
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©Norrbottens museum - foto Daryoush Tahmasebi

april 2013:
Article about rebuilding Kiruna townhall published in Bebyggelshistorisk Tidskrift, "the Metaphysical of rebuilding" or in swedish "Återskapandets metafysik"
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march 2013:
Just returned from a research trip in Ahmedabad and New Delhi

february 2013:
New Office Furniture from Ragnars
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november 2012:
Favorite in 100% Design 2012 according to Onoffice magazine UK!
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august 2012:
Articel about wood facades Träfasader in Tidningen Trä

september 2011:
Cad distanserar oss från det fysiska landskapet in Arkitekten
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august 2011:
interview about digi details in Arkitektur
Om digitala detaljer in Arkitektur